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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Fiocchi: .308win FMJ 9.5g/147gr
Fiocchi: 243 Win. EPN 6.2g/95gr
Fiocchi: 270 Win. ENP 8.4g/130gr
Fiocchi: 30-06 Spr. ENP 9.7g/150gr
Fiocchi: 30-06 SPR. FMJ 9.5g/147gr
Fiocchi: 30-06 SPR. SOLID 11.6g/180gr
Fiocchi: 300 Win. Mag. ENP 11.7g/180gr
Fiocchi: 308Win. EPN 9.7g/150gr
Fiocchi: 6.5x55 SE EPN 8.4g/129gr
Norma: .308 Win Oryx Bonded 10.7g /165gr
Norma: 30-06 Spr Oryx Bonded 10.7g /165gr
Norma: Golden Target .308 Win FMJ 9.7g/150gr
Norma: Jaktmatch .22-250 Rem. FMJ 3.6g/55gr
Norma: Jaktmatch .222 Rem FMJ 3.6g/55gr
Norma: Jaktmatch 7x57R FMJ 9.7g/150gr
Norma: Jaktmatch 9.3x62 FMJ 15g/232gr
Norma: Tactical .308 Win FMJ 9.5g/147gr
PPU: 243 Win SP 6.5g/100gr
PPU: 300 Win. Mag. FMJ 9.4g/145gr
PPU: 7mm Rem. Mag SP 9.4/145gr
PPU: 8x57 IS FMJ 12.9g/198gr

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